HCRS’ integrated services help individuals and families in our communities to live happy and successful lives.

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HCRS promotes prevention and early intervention, supporting overall health and wellness for clients through collaborations with primary care, health coaching, Wellness Recovery Action Planning, and efforts to support the whole person. We also support the health and wellness of employees through a comprehensive health care plan, annual health and wellness fairs, and other wellness activities.

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HCRS serves over 4500 individuals every year across Windsor and Windham counties. We have ten office locations from Hartford to Brattleboro with our headquarters based in Springfield. We also serve many clients in local schools, out in the community, and within their own homes.

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HCRS also believes in protecting our environment. Our headquarters in Springfield, described as a “terrific example of green, sustainable, responsible architecture, won three national awards. HCRS’ facilities, with significant natural light and open spaces, help to promote healing—as one client so aptly put it, “I feel like I’m worth something.”

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HCRS is an employer of choice with over 500 dedicated professionals. We are proud to offer one of the best benefit packages in Vermont. This, coupled with competitive salaries, allows us to attract and retain some of the best staff you may ever work with!

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Empowering Individuals

Empowering individuals to reach their potential.

Our mission is to provide creative, collaborative, and compassionate health care services that are responsive to the needs of our communities. We envision a community where people are inspired, empowered, and supported to lead healthy and meaningful lives.

Our seven guiding values are: Teamwork, Creativity, Integrity, Passion, Quality, Trust, and Wisdom.


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It gives me a chance to open up and talk to other people that have the same “problem/issues” as myself, without feeling like I am being judged.

Both the individual therapy and the women's group have been VERY helpful and yield lots of suggestions as well as food for thought. The women's group has been especially beneficial in that I've learned I am not the only one with problems and it has shown camaraderie, understanding, and friendship.

Job Opportunities

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Job TitleLocation
Residential Specialist-Alternatives-FT Springfield-Alternatives
Vocational Specialist-Hartford Hartford
Case Manager -Jobs-Springfield/Windsor Springfield/Windsor
Residential Specialist - NPC -3rd Shift Meadowview Recovery Residence - Brattleboro
Community Outreach-DS-BF Bellows Falls

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  • HCRS Elects SallyAnn Silfies to its Board of Directors

    HCRS has elected SallyAnn Silfies to its Board of Directors.  HCRS will look to SallyAnn for unique perspectives based on her decade of service as a former employee. SallyAnn worked for 10 years

  • HCRS to Host Brattleboro Screening of "Healing Voices"

    HCRS will join more than 125 community organizations around the world on Friday, April 29th to host a premier screening of Healing Voices.  The new documentary places a spotlight on mental health