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The Walk-in Clinic staff were friendly and non-judgmental. They had inspiring ideas and goals for my issues. I felt respected as a client.

Employment Specialist__ Brattleboro-PD

Job Code 1043Bratt
Date Posted July 28, 2016
Program Employment Specialist__ Brattleboro-PD
Hours / Week 0

Hourly (per diem) position is currently available in the Brattleboro area to provide one-on-one employment support and training for adult clients with developmental disabilities. 

Starting pay $16.00 per hour for per diem.

Required Skills Flexibility, positive attitude, strong organizational and customer service skills are required. Related experience is required. Clean driving record and vehicle insurance required.
Education Experience working with developmental disabilities and/or mental illness preferred
Location Brattleboro
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802-886-4567 ext. 2148