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“Amy” is an amazing young lady who came to HCRS in 2007; she had been placed in residential school due to her uncontrolled behavior issues and inconsistent home life and had a State appointed legal guardian. With the help of HCRS, Amy was placed in more stable home environment with a family that she had already established a relationship with during emergency respite care. With natural supports and the supports from HCRS; Amy has been able to establish a safe and more consistent relationship between herself and her biological family; she has been able to maintain gainful employment; and just last year was legally appointed to be her own guardian. Amy started working part-time at a grocery store and a department store. In 2010, Amy successfully completed a 3 month internship as a front desk clerk. This internship opportunity really helped build Amy’s vocational skills and professional self esteem. Since this internship, Amy has flourished at work and socially.

About Our Services

Emergency Services

About Our ServicesThe HCRS crisis team provides the highest possible level of emergency mental health care to people in Windsor and Windham Counties. Specially trained mental health professionals are available 24 hours a day. A crisis screener will provide the individual with support and assistance to determine the appropriate level of mental health treatment including outpatient care, inpatient hospitalization, or substance abuse treatment. Anyone who is experiencing overwhelming distress, thoughts of suicide or thoughts of harming others should call 1-800-622-4235 to arrange for a crisis screening at our office, the local emergency room, or in the community. If you or someone you know is experiencing a medical emergency please contact 911 or proceed to the nearest emergency room.

Children, Youth, and Family Program

The Children, Youth, and Family Division can offer you supports if you are having emotional, behavioral, developmental, or substance use difficulties. We can also offer education and support for your family. We provide easy access to information, intake, and services through our centralized access system. From there you may get individual and family therapy, psychiatry, behavioral therapy, early childhood mental health programs, case management, afterschool and summer therapeutic programs, and/or day and overnight respite. We work in collaboration with many community partners, including the schools, DCF-Family Services, vocational services, developmental services, and post-adoption agencies.

Adult Outpatient and Substance Abuse Program

HCRS offers outpatient services for individuals who are experiencing a variety of substance use and mental health difficulties, including anxiety, depression, and family or relationship issues. A professional staff of compassionate case managers and therapists offer screening, support, education, assessment, outpatient treatment, and referral services for adults in our communities. At HCRS we believe in treating the whole person, and so we will work with you to address other issues such as employment skills, physical health, housing, and transportation barriers in the hopes of helping you to improve your overall wellness.

Community Rehabilitation and Treatment (CRT) Program

HCRS provides comprehensive services for people with severe and persistent mental illness. We foster a culture to help individuals create and maintain stable lives by offering supports and services based on each person’s specific needs and choices. We also provide high quality services by recruiting and training compassionate and competent staff who utilize innovative, effective treatment practices in a positive and safe environment. Furthermore, we believe that forming connections is essential to personal recovery. To that end, we help people develop relationships in their communities through employment and community participation.

Developmental Services Program

HCRS provides an extensive array of services to children and adults with intellectual/ developmental disabilities. We support individuals to reach their highest level of independence in the least restrictive environment by educating and informing people about the life opportunities available to them and then assisting them in making informed choices that lead to achieving their dreams. Our services focus on supporting people to reside in a home of their choice, have good health, develop healthy relationships, and participate meaningfully in their communities.

Residential Services

The HCRS residential services continuum offers a warm, home-like environment designed to offer you additional supports necessary to promote personal recovery. Each program offers a variety of services that will support your individualized recovery needs, some of which include case management, nursing, community integration supports, and independent living skills development. The residential services team will work openly with you to develop and explore supports that will enhance your recovery experience in a meaningful way.

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For More Information About Accessing Services, call toll-free:

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