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The Walk-in Clinic was helpful because I was able to receive feedback on problematic situations that I am not able to discuss with anyone else in my life.

Case Manager - Adult Services - Hartford

Job Code 2012
Date Posted November 29, 2018
Program Case Manager - Adult Services - Hartford
Hours / Week 37.5

Case Manager I/II – Adult Services Division (37.5 hours/week) - HCRS is accepting applications for a Case Manager position, based at the Hartford location, to provide service coordination, access to resources and direct supports to adults living with mental health and/or substance abuse issues.

Required Skills The ideal candidate will be strengths-based, highly organized, understanding of co-occurring issues, solid in their computer and communication skills, and to work well in a team. Reliable transportation is required, as the person needs to have the ability to travel.
Education Bachelor’s degree in psychology, social work, or related field is required, and experience is preferred.
Location Hartford, VT
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