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The Walk-in Clinic was helpful because I was able to receive feedback on problematic situations that I am not able to discuss with anyone else in my life.

Case Manager - Children's Services - Hartford

Job Code 5112
Date Posted June 03, 2019
Program Case Manager - Children's Services - Hartford
Hours / Week 37.5

Fulltime 37.50hours/week position in the Hartford area to provide screening, therapeutic case management, service coordination and other services to children and families assessed with significant social, emotional and behavioral needs.

Required Skills Plans, coordinates and delivers a wide range of services for families in the office, community and home to help maintain their stability in the least restrictive setting possible. Skills and qualifications include experience in mental health and/or children's services and an ability to engage and collaborate effectively with parents, children and community providers.
Education Relevant Bachelor’s degree preferred. Will consider non-degreed candidates with relevant experience in children’s mental health and excellent references.
Location Hartford, VT
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