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“David” an 8 year old boy with classic Autism, came to us after being removed from his home by DCF. He was non-verbal, using grunting sounds and pointing or acting out to communicate his thoughts and feelings. He had an intense fear of going outside and making transitions to new places was overwhelming for him. His academic skills were extremely low and he was not getting any real educational services due to the upheaval in his life. HCRS staff immediately began to identify the services he would need to progress and grow. A shared living provider was found who has given him a wonderful family environment to live and grow in. David now goes to school for the whole day. He is using his words more than ever and instead of pulling on someone or grunting or pointing, he is prompted to use requests like “ Can I use the computer, please,” without being told.

Clinician - Adult Services - Brattleboro ($3,000 sign-on bonus)

Job Code 6310
Date Posted August 23, 2019
Program Clinician - Adult Services - Brattleboro ($3,000 sign-on bonus)
Hours / Week 37.5

HCRS is looking for a full-time (37.5 hr/wk), Master’s level clinician, to provide co-occurring treatment at our Brattleboro location. This individual is responsible for completing mental health and substance abuse assessments, providing individual and group therapy, and collaborating with community providers. 

Required Skills The ideal candidate will have the ability to effectively document progress made during sessions in a timely fashion, ability to communicate an individual’s stated goals and collaborate with colleagues and supervisor, and ability to keep track of appointments and prioritize tasks. The ideal candidate will have a positive attitude and enjoy being part of a team.
Education Master’s degree is required and at a minimum the candidate must be rostered in VT as a non-licensed non-certified psychotherapist. The ideal candidate would be licensed in VT as a social worker, mental health counselor, LADC with co-occurring training or other related field.
Location Brattleboro, VT
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