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Both the individual therapy and the women's group have been VERY helpful and yield lots of suggestions as well as food for thought. The women's group has been especially beneficial in that I've learned I am not the only one with problems and it has shown camaraderie, understanding, and friendship.

HCRS-NFI-Relief Residential Specialist ($300 sign-on bonus)

Job Code Relief-RS
Date Posted March 11, 2019
Program HCRS-NFI-Relief Residential Specialist ($300 sign-on bonus)
Hours / Week 0

HCRS and NFI are looking to hire Relief Residential Specialists for their collaborative Hospital Diversion Program. There are per diem positions available in Brattleboro.

Required Skills This residential program include short term work with adolescents experiencing emotional and/or behavioral challenges. Responsibilities include providing supervision and support to the youth during both awake and sleeping hours as well as performing administrative duties. This is a great entry level position with opportunities to advance within the agency.
Education The ideal candidate would have a bachelor’s degree in a related field, superior interpersonal skills, and experience working with adolescents struggling with emotional/behavioral difficulties.
Location Brattleboro, VT
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