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"The past 6 years working within an HCRS residential program has allowed me to grow professionally in ways that I was not able to in other jobs. I have been given unique training opportunities, room to be creative, and quality supervision from passionate supervisors who have all promoted my growth.

Parent Educator/Health Coach - Children's Services - Springfield

Job Code 5242
Date Posted August 20, 2019
Program Parent Educator/Health Coach - Children's Services - Springfield
Hours / Week 37.5

HCRS is seeking a full time (37.5 hour/week) Parent Educator/Health Coach to assist families in improving overall wellness through teaching, coaching, case management, and consultation in individual, family, and group settings. This person will offer hands on activities in the office, community, and family’s home, will collaborate with a team for comprehensive care provision, treatment planning, and case review, and will support the development of treatment plans, incorporating wellness goals when appropriate.

Required Skills Key skills include knowledge about factors that contribute to wellness, strong communication skills, professional demeanor and boundaries, and ability to empathize with individuals experiencing dysregulation.
Education Bachelor’s degree preferred or relevant experience.
Location Springfield, VT
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