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I look forward to coming to work every day, not something that can be said for all jobs and employers! I feel supported as a professional and as a person with a life outside of work. I appreciate an environment that fosters professional development and personal growth and encourages me to draw on my individual talents. I have had great mentors who helped me to grow in my career and navigate the challenges of this important work. HCRS staff have a sense of humor that helps us get through the stressful situations that arise, with great collaboration and teamwork!

Peer Support Advocate - Adult Services - Hartford, Springfield or Brattleboro

Job Code 2230
Date Posted June 20, 2019
Program Peer Support Advocate - Adult Services - Hartford, Springfield or Brattleboro
Hours / Week 0

Seeking a full time or part time Peer Support Advocate to be based out of Hartford, Springfield, or Brattleboro. This position is for someone who has had their own transformative life experiences that allow them to relate and connect with people receiving mental health services.

Required Skills This person will provide peer support to HCRS clients in a variety of settings and locations, facilitate mutual support groups, advocate for systems change, and promote inclusive, non-pathologizing, non-coercive environments and relationships. The ability to work autonomously and to collaborate as part of a team is important. Computer literacy, excellent interpersonal and critical thinking skills, ability to read/write well and a valid driver’s license are required.
Education Experience/training in peer support, restorative justice, group facilitation, psych drug harm reduction, hearing voices, and related topics is preferred.
Location Hartford, Springfield or Brattleboro, VT
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