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The Walk-in Clinic was helpful because I was able to receive feedback on problematic situations that I am not able to discuss with anyone else in my life.

Quality Assurance & Compliance Manager - Springfield

Job Code 9230
Date Posted August 16, 2019
Program Quality Assurance & Compliance Manager - Springfield
Hours / Week 37.5

HCRS is seeking an experienced Quality Assurance & Compliance Manager to support the development and ongoing administration of programs and procedures to ensure adherence to all appropriate Federal, State, and AHS laws and regulations.  This position will focus on furthering the organization’s innovation and continuous quality improvement of systems and processes as defined by organizational priorities.  The incumbent will work with leadership and staff at all levels of the organization and reports to the Chief Executive Officer.


The Quality Assurance & Compliance Manager will have responsibilities in the following areas:


·          Quality Assurance

·          Electronic Medical Records

·          Corporate Compliance

·          Health Information Quality Review

·          Privacy & Confidentiality

·          Accreditation, Certification, and Agency Designation

·          Policies and Procedure Management

Required Skills The successful candidate will have an ability to plan and execute audit review assignments as well as an ability to manipulate and analyze volumes of data into meaningful information; and have a working knowledge of government regulations, information privacy laws, and the principles of healthcare information management. The incumbent must also have an ability to work independently and be self-motivated, possess strong computer skills, and have excellent oral and written communication skills.
Education Master’s degree in Healthcare, Healthcare Administration, or a related field; 3-5 years of experience in similar type of work;
Location Springfield, VT
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