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Both the individual therapy and the women's group have been VERY helpful and yield lots of suggestions as well as food for thought. The women's group has been especially beneficial in that I've learned I am not the only one with problems and it has shown camaraderie, understanding, and friendship.

Shared Living Provider for Individuals Needing a High Level of Supervision

Job Code SLP-S
Date Posted May 13, 2022
Program Shared Living Provider for Individuals Needing a High Level of Supervision
Hours / Week 0


Looking for an individual or couple that would be willing to open their home In the Windham or Windsor counties of Vermont, to an individual that may need a higher level of supervision or oversight in the community. The right candidate would have a relatively quiet home without children, a home that is remote or out of town is a plus!


The candidate would need to be available to offer a strong person centered approach, and the ability to continue supporting the individual with their treatment plan such as bringing the individual to any potential appointments or meetings. You must be able to work well with a team!

A generous tax-free stipend of $40,000-$60,000 and a room and board payment from the individual, as well as ongoing support from the individual’s team including case management and other potential agency services will be provided. 


For more information please call or text the Program Development: 802-282-9557 or email HCRS is a private non-profit community mental health and developmental services center serving residents of Windham and Windsor counties. 


Required Skills
Location Windsor & Windham Counties
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802-886-4567 ext. 4166