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The Walk-in Clinic was helpful because I was able to receive feedback on problematic situations that I am not able to discuss with anyone else in my life.

Team Leader-Wellness/Vocational - HCRS EMPLOYEES ONLY

Job Code 2043
Date Posted July 03, 2018
Program Team Leader-Wellness/Vocational - HCRS EMPLOYEES ONLY
Hours / Week 37.5


Team Leader-Vocational and WellnessFull time 37.50hrs/week position is available.


Required Skills This person would support at team of specialists who work with individuals to develop self-health wellness plans and supported employment services in the community for adults living with mental health challenges; providing vocational and fitness assessments, support and training. The team leader is responsible for the day to day operations, supervision and maintaining fidelity to the Supported Employment and In SHAPE models. Familiar with supported employment and In SHAPE model and has a wellness orientation.
Education Bachelor’s in related field, 1 yr related experience with personal trainer certification and leadership experience.
Location Springfield, VT
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