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The Walk-in Clinic was helpful because I was able to receive feedback on problematic situations that I am not able to discuss with anyone else in my life.

Vocational & Wellness Specialist - Adult Services - Hartford

Job Code 2043
Date Posted June 19, 2019
Program Vocational & Wellness Specialist - Adult Services - Hartford
Hours / Week 37.5

Full time 37.50hrs/week position is available at our Hartford location.

Required Skills This person would work with individuals to develop self-health wellness plans and supported employment services in the community for adults living with mental health challenges; providing vocational and fitness assessments, support and training. Demonstrate ability to collaborate with employers, collaterals, and staff in a team environment. Familiar with supported employment and In SHAPE model and has a wellness orientation.
Education Bachelor’s in related field and preferred 1 yr related experience with personal trainer certification.
Location Hartford, VT
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