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Both the individual therapy and the women's group have been VERY helpful and yield lots of suggestions as well as food for thought. The women's group has been especially beneficial in that I've learned I am not the only one with problems and it has shown camaraderie, understanding, and friendship.

Our Philosophy of Care


Philosophy of Care


As the provider of community mental health, substance use, and developmental services in southeastern Vermont, HCRS cares deeply about how individuals and families are treated. The following beliefs are the foundation of our services: 

  • A person, or the responsible family member of a child, is at the center of decision making for their own care.
  • People always have choice regarding their own care, even when mandated to treatment.
  • All people are resilient, capable, and have a natural tendency towards growth.
  • It's important to celebrate the strengths of a person to overcome challenges and focus on solutions.
  • Continuous, healing, and trusting relationships are transformative in helping to address trauma and other challenges a person may be facing.
  • Our services are culturally sensitive and inclusive of perspectives such as harm reduction, cultural, societal, and environmental factors that impact an individual's experience.
  • Treatment is provided in a holistic manner in order to address the mind, body, and spirit.
  • A person's challenges exist within a social context and the social factors that influence well-being will be addressed as a part of treatment.
  • Community and State collaborations are important in order to provide a positive experience for people seeking or receiving services.
  • We provide services with kindness, empathy, and compassion.
  • We treat people with respect and dignity within the context of caring and mutual relationships.
  • The experience of stigma and impact of oppression and discrimination exists; we actively find ways to challenge them and minimize the harm that can affect all of us as a result.
  • Our services are grounded in evidence-based and promising practices that promote hope, healing, and wellness; they acknowledge the impact of biological, psychological, and social factors.