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The Walk-in Clinic staff were friendly and non-judgmental. They had inspiring ideas and goals for my issues. I felt respected as a client.

Standing Committees

Standing CommitteeWelcome to the HCRS web pages regarding the joint and individual program standing committees at HCRS.

As a Community Mental Health Center, HCRS is required to have a Standing Committee of the Board for each program funded by the Department of Mental Health and the Department of Disabilities, Aging, and Independent Living.


What is a Standing Committee?

The Standing Committee is a way to directly involve people receiving services, as well as their families, in the development and implementation of an agency’s policies. By increasing opportunities for clients to actively participate in decision-making, the overall goal is to increase satisfaction, service quality, and agency responsiveness.

How Frequently does the Joint Standing Committee Meet?

HCRS’ Joint Standing Committee meets every six months to review common themes between the individual HCRS program standing committees. In addition, they share ideas on how to improve the standing committees. The group also helps bridge communication with the HCRS Board of Directors.


Who Participates?

The Joint Standing Committee is made up of members of the individual HCRS program standing committees, HCRS Board Members, and HCRS staff.


More Information?

Please click on the links above to review information about each of our individual program standing committees. For information regarding the Joint Standing Committee Meetings, please contact George Karabakakis, Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer, at (802) 886-4500.



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