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Community Rehabilitation and Treatment (CRT) Program

Community Rehabilitation and Treatment ProgramThe CRT program provides comprehensive services to adults with severe and persistent mental illnesses. The program offers a wide range of options to help people remain integrated in their local communities while building strategies to live more independent and satisfying lives. One way we do this is to foster a culture that helps individuals create and maintain stable lives by offering supports and services based on each person’s specific needs and choices.

Additionally, we provide high quality services by recruiting and training compassionate, competent staff who utilize innovative, effective treatment practices in a positive and safe environment. We also believe that employment and the development of community relationships has intrinsic value to each person’s process of personal recovery. Our CRT team provides a wide array of services to support people in the recovery process. These services include:

  • Treatment coordination and planning.
  • Case management to help people to live and thrive in their communities; case managers assist clients with mastering daily challenges in order to build stability in their lives.
  • Supporting people to obtain and maintain employment.
  • Clinical services in individual, group, or family settings.
  • Psychiatry services to help manage symptoms with medication, when necessary, diagnosis, and evaluation and to provide potential education. Nursing services to ensure coordination with primary care providers and other prescribers of medication, administer medication, and assist people to self-administer their medications.
  • Recovery education in group and individual settings.
CRT Client Handbook