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“David” an 8 year old boy with classic Autism, came to us after being removed from his home by DCF. He was non-verbal, using grunting sounds and pointing or acting out to communicate his thoughts and feelings. He had an intense fear of going outside and making transitions to new places was overwhelming for him. His academic skills were extremely low and he was not getting any real educational services due to the upheaval in his life. HCRS staff immediately began to identify the services he would need to progress and grow. A shared living provider was found who has given him a wonderful family environment to live and grow in. David now goes to school for the whole day. He is using his words more than ever and instead of pulling on someone or grunting or pointing, he is prompted to use requests like “ Can I use the computer, please,” without being told.

Community Placement Program

Community Placement ProgramThe Community Placement Program refers to the “wraparound” services we provide to people who require intensive supervision and treatment supports. These services take on many different shapes and are customized to each person’s specific needs and situation. Frequently, a Community Placement Program involves 24/7 supervision provided to an individual in their own apartment. Other models involve one-on-one support for periods throughout the day and evening. Individuals receiving Community Placement Program services pose a high risk for their personal, as well as community safety, and typically have failed in traditional treatment models. The overall goal of these services is to assist in the stabilization of the individual and the transition to less intensive levels of service.