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Employment Services

CRT Employment ServicesEmployment is recognized as an important piece of the recovery process.

The CRT Program is committed to assisting clients in reaching their personal employment goals. Each treatment team has a Vocational Specialist available to work closely with clients and the other treatment providers through each step in the employment process. Because Vocational Services are very diverse, if you don’t see a service you need or believe is employment related, please ask your case manager or the team Vocational Specialist.

Preparing for Employment

  • The Vocational Specialist will assess each client on an individual basis to help determine current needs, skills, interests, and level of current commitment to employment.
  • The Vocational Specialist will assist each client in preparing a resume to assist in the job search process immediately.
  • The Vocational Specialist can facilitate a referral to the State of Vermont Vocational Rehabilitation services and provide on-going collaboration to support your vocational goals, and may receive paid training opportunities as well as financial assistance with job related needs.
  • The Vocational Specialist can assist each client in finding training and/or educational opportunities to help them reach their goals.
  • Clients receive training in skills such as interviewing, job searching, and job maintenance.

Finding Employment

  • Clients learn how to access a wide variety of employment opportunities through internet use, state employment services, newspapers, and how to network through friends, family, and peers.
  • The Vocational Specialists are active members of Creative Workforce Solutions which provides a network of job developers in each community helping each other to develop jobs on behalf of our clients.
  • Vocational Specialists work directly with employers in the community to develop employment opportunities for our clients.
  • Vocational Specialists offer support to clients for as long as they need it. We never “close” the case unless the client is no longer a CRT client.

Educational Opportunities

  • Clients who express interest in educational opportunities can receive assistance in enrolling in high school, college, or technical training programs.
  • Vocational Specialists can assist with applying for financial aid programs to help pay for these opportunities.
  • Vermont’s Vocational Rehabilitation will often assist in paying for supplies, transportation expenses, and other small financial needs related to educational goals.
  • Vocational Specialists can assist with finding tutors if needed.

Benefits Counseling

  • Vocational Specialists can assist clients with the maze of benefit issues that are often the greatest reason clients choose not to work.
  • Clients can learn how they can work a part-time job and still maintain medical and some or all of their cash benefits.
  • The world of Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security can be extremely confusing; a Vocational Specialist can help you understand the programs.

Other Services

  • Vocational Services encompass almost any activity that can lead to employment, education, or volunteering.
  • These services are completely voluntary and free for CRT clients.
  • The goal of the Vocational Specialist is to assist every client in reaching the employment or education goal they set for themselves.