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I look forward to coming to work every day, not something that can be said for all jobs and employers! I feel supported as a professional and as a person with a life outside of work. I appreciate an environment that fosters professional development and personal growth and encourages me to draw on my individual talents. I have had great mentors who helped me to grow in my career and navigate the challenges of this important work. HCRS staff have a sense of humor that helps us get through the stressful situations that arise, with great collaboration and teamwork!

Developmental Services

Developmental ServicesHCRS Developmental Services (DS) Division provides comprehensive supports for individuals with developmental disabilities. DS assists families and individuals in navigating their state and local services network. The ultimate goal in DS is preserving the family/community component of care and ensuring that individuals have opportunities and freedom of choices in all aspects of their lives. Developmental services provide homes for individuals as well as school, community and employment supports. All of our services are community based. Our staff work with clients in the community to assist them in reaching their full potential and in becoming as independent as possible. Staff members regularly volunteer to support many community activities such as dances, dinners, and the local chapter of Special Olympics.

Our services are intended to help people achieve outcomes in four key areas:

1. Having a safe comfortable home of their choice
2. Health and wellness
3. Relationship development
4. Opportunities for work or other meaningful activities in the community

In order to accomplish those outcomes, we offer a variety of living situations and well trained staff that includes nurses, employment specialists, and direct service staff to support people in the community.


For More Information on Accessing our Developmental Services, please call toll-free:

  • Brattleboro area: (855) 220-9428
  • Springfield area: (855) 220-9429
  • Hartford area: (855) 220-9430


HCRS' Community Reach Program

The Community Reach Program provides many opportunities for clients to take part in activities at each of our sites. The current calendars of activities are provided below:

Reach activities are postponed due to the pandemic. 

Community Reach Program Brochure

DS Brochure

Bridge Program Eligibility