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Brick by Brick

Brick by brickThe B3 program supports individuals with developmental disabilities who are considered sex offenders or have been assessed as being a high-risk for becoming a sex offender. Through intensive staffing and clinical intervention, we support people to overcome the issues in their lives that have been problematic and to develop health, normal relationships. The overall goal is to reduce re-offending and recidivism.

Mission: To maintain the safety and security of our community through deliberate team supervision and therapeutic treatment of our clients, while supporting and promoting their personal growth.

Vision: To be the State's leading program specializing in the treatment and monitoring of developmentally disabled sex offenders, and preeminent in the development of sex offender treatment modalities. We will be dedicated to providing staff with support and enhanced opportunities for personal development and public service, while enriching the professional and social fabric of our community, division, and agency.