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Home Services

Home ServicesWe offer two types of home living situations:

The Shared Living Provider model of care is our primary system of providing homes for people. Shared Living is similar to family care in that independent contractors, under HCRS supervision, welcome people into their homes and are responsible for meeting clients’ special individual needs. The providers also help these clients to become more independent, more skillful, and better able to make important decisions for themselves, while allowing them to enjoy a life of dignity and freedom. HCRS case managers coordinate services, oversee the individual needs of each person receiving services, and support Shared Living Providers in providing this care.

Staffed Living is a new service that provides 24/7 trained staff to support people needing intensive behavioral supports. Our intensive behavioral supports are designed to help people avoid incarceration and psychiatric hospitalization. We utilize a three-pronged approach of intensive staffing, clinical supports, and structured activities to accomplish this goal.