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“David” an 8 year old boy with classic Autism, came to us after being removed from his home by DCF. He was non-verbal, using grunting sounds and pointing or acting out to communicate his thoughts and feelings. He had an intense fear of going outside and making transitions to new places was overwhelming for him. His academic skills were extremely low and he was not getting any real educational services due to the upheaval in his life. HCRS staff immediately began to identify the services he would need to progress and grow. A shared living provider was found who has given him a wonderful family environment to live and grow in. David now goes to school for the whole day. He is using his words more than ever and instead of pulling on someone or grunting or pointing, he is prompted to use requests like “ Can I use the computer, please,” without being told.

Shared Living Providers Info Page

HCRS Contacts

Adults with Disabilities

Laurie Panther, M.S., Program Development Manager

(802) 952-3936 or

Cora Willis-Cooper, Residential Developer

(802) 463-3294 ext. 3151 or

As a Shared Living Provider for HCRS, you are providing the folks we serve the opportunity to build independent living skills, supporting them in accessing their communities, and allowing them to expand their skills in a safe, supportive environment. The work you do as a Shared Living Provider is demanding and can have its own unique challenges.

This webpage is designed to support better communication between HCRS and you. We hope you find it to be a valuable resource, and we welcome your feedback on additional resources we can provide for you here. Please reach out to Cora or Laurie with your thoughts and check back frequently as this webpage takes shape!


Due to COVID-19 we are unable to meet in person for trainings. Therefore, we are using a new online format!

Questions & Answers

Q. How does it work? 

A. Trainings from the fall were offered as a live Zoom sessions via links sent by email.

Q. What if I cannot attend that live Zoom session? 

A. If you were not able to attend the live Zoom session, the recorded session will be posted below a few days later under the heading: Recorded Zoom Trainings (see link below)

Q. What if I have questions about the information in the recorded session? 

A. When you use the recorded option you must also complete the companion survey. It contains questions about the content of the training and also provides you with a box to submit questions. The link for the surveys are under the heading: Training Quizzes (see link below)

Q. How will you know which session I attended? 

A. Whether you attended the live Zoom session or the view the recorded session later, you are required to complete the Training Participation Verification by clicking the link. The link is under the heading: Training Participation Verification

Q. Will there be more trainings coming out? 

A. YES! There is a new training on performing Health Screenings posted below.


NEW Recorded Zoom Training:

How To Use the New Health Screening Form Passcode: 4Pr#r$!q

No quiz or verification required at this time.

COVID Self Respite Online Health Screening Form

Recorded Zoom Trainings: 
SLP Supervision & Evaluation

Training Quizzes: 
SLP Supervision & Evaluation Quiz


Recorded Zoom Trainings: 

Assistive Technology Recorded Session

Training Quizzes: 

Assistive Technology Quiz


Recorded Zoom Trainings:

Welcome: Technical Overview, and Mini-grants/Fitness & Resilience Supports

Training Quizzes:

Welcome: Technical Overview, and Mini-grants/Fitness & Resilience Supports Quiz


Training Participation Verification: 


How it works: if an SLP is found through the 5 year inspection process to not meet a regulation, or if all SLPs need to meet a new regulation; and meeting that regulation creates a financial burden on them, the SLP can apply for a mini-grant from Program Development. As funds are available, the mini-grants are generally for $25.00. This is a reimbursement program and receipts are required.


Application Process:

1.      Download and complete the Mini-Grant Application. For you convenience there is a hard copy in your SLP Binder.

2.      Submit the fully completed application, and the receipt for the item, to Attn: Laurie Panther, HCRS Elm Street, Brattleboro VT 05301, or email it to:

3.      Applications will be reviewed by Program Development. Approved funds will be sent as a direct deposit outside of payroll deposits.

Note: An SLP may only apply for a mini-grant one time per state fiscal year.


SLP Coffee Hour on Zoom 

New times and log in for the Coffee Hour! the Coffee Hour now meets on the last Monday of the month from 9:00-10:00 am. Due to increased need for security on Zoom, SLPs have been sent the new ID and password. The previous information will no longer work. If you want to attend the Coffee Hours and did not receive the new information, please contact 


SLP Support Team

New to the profession? Have a challenging situation? Feeling isolated? Or want to run an idea by another SLP? We now have veteran SLPs who want to support their comrades! David & Doreen Scott and Naomi Welch.

David & Doreen

David & Doreen: (802) 885-2414 (

Movies About People with Disabilities

Crip Camp: On the heels of Woodstock, a group of teen campers are inspired to join the fight for disability civil rights. This spirited look at grassroots activism is executive produced by President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. This movie is available free on YouTube.

Intelligent Lives: From award-winning filmmaker Dan Habib comes INTELLIGENT LIVES, a catalyst to transform the label of intellectual disability from a life sentence of isolation into a life of possibility for the most systematically segregated people in America. INTELLIGENT LIVES starts three pioneering young American adults with intellectual disabilities - Micah, Naieer, and Naomie - who challenge perceptions of intelligence as they navigate high school, college, and the workforce. Academy Award-winning actor and narrator Chris Cooper contextualizes the lives of these central characters through the emotional personal story of his son, Jesse, as the film unpacks the shameful and ongoing track record of intelligence testing in the U.S. INTELLIGENT LIVES challenges what it means to be intelligent and points to a future in which people of all abilities can fully participate in higher education, meaningful employment, and intimate relationships. This movie is available on Amazon Prime.

SLP Wellness Information

Please read this letter from our new Director of Developmental Services.

And also review this document from DAIL. It has even more recommendations specifically for care providers.


Want to quit smoking? Here's a link to some help. Click on this link to connect to 802Quits. They also have a toll-free number: 800-QUIT-NOW.

Get out of the house for a hike in one of our local State parks. Click on this link to see the State Park information. And on this one for maps.

Meditation: It's not just for hippies anymore! At our last SLP training, meditation came up during the Self Care break-out group. Here are some links to informational videos:

A simple way to get started with a 5 minute meditation

The scientific benefits of meditation


Fitness & Resilience Supports

What and Why: Fitness and resilience of our clients is improved when the SLPs Fitness and Resilience is improved. Covid-19 is not going away any time soon, and there is much research showing that a strong immune system can help with fighting the virus. Health stressors such as cigarette smoking, obesity, advances age, and related conditions can be relieved with some attention. Eating more vegetables, working out, going to parks, and/or quitting or reducing intake of toxic foods, and intoxicants are all strategies we support. Here are some examples of types of items you many want to access: produce boxes, home exercise items (free weights, resistance bands, etc.), healthy eating apps, head space meditation app, stress reduction/self-care hobby supplies. 

How it works: An individual SLP applies for the support. As funds are available, the support would cover up $25.00 of an item or a combination of items up to $60.00. This is a reimbursement program and receipts are required.

Application Process:

1.      Download and complete F&R application. For you convenience there is a hard copy in your SLP Binder.

2.      Submit the fully completed application, and the receipt for the item(s) to Attn: Laurie Panther, HCRS Elm Street, Brattleboro VT 05301, or email it to:

3.      Applications will be reviewed by Program Development. Approved funds will be sent as a direct deposit outside of payroll deposits.

Note: An SLP may only apply one time, for the Fitness and resilience support.

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