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I look forward to coming to work every day, not something that can be said for all jobs and employers! I feel supported as a professional and as a person with a life outside of work. I appreciate an environment that fosters professional development and personal growth and encourages me to draw on my individual talents. I have had great mentors who helped me to grow in my career and navigate the challenges of this important work. HCRS staff have a sense of humor that helps us get through the stressful situations that arise, with great collaboration and teamwork!

Mental Health

Integrating Mental Health and Substance Use Services to Address the Needs of the Whole Person

Mental ServicesHCRS’ Adult Mental Health Services offers integrated treatment programs designed to address the challenges faced by people with mental health issues and/or substance use issues in order to help them live more fulfilling lives.

Initial screening services are primarily accessed through the Walk-in Clinic program, although HCRS does offer some community-based screenings when appropriate. Once a screening has been completed, and if it is determined that you have a need for ongoing mental health or substance use treatment, you will be scheduled for a clinical assessment. The assessment is an opportunity for you to meet with a trained clinician who will complete a comprehensive evaluation that looks at the scope of your needs and strengths as they pertain to mental health, substance use, physical health, social, vocational, legal, safety issues, and “environmental needs” such as housing, transportation, budgeting, etc. The results of this evaluation are discussed among the clinical treatment team at which time treatment recommendations are made; these recommendations may include services both within and outside of HCRS.

HCRS’ Adult Outpatient Program offers a range of therapeutic services that may be office-based, community-based, or in home to address various mental health and substance use concerns. This includes: individual, group, family, and couples therapy, brief case management, and community supports.