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“Amy” is an amazing young lady who came to HCRS in 2007; she had been placed in residential school due to her uncontrolled behavior issues and inconsistent home life and had a State appointed legal guardian. With the help of HCRS, Amy was placed in more stable home environment with a family that she had already established a relationship with during emergency respite care. With natural supports and the supports from HCRS; Amy has been able to establish a safe and more consistent relationship between herself and her biological family; she has been able to maintain gainful employment; and just last year was legally appointed to be her own guardian. Amy started working part-time at a grocery store and a department store. In 2010, Amy successfully completed a 3 month internship as a front desk clerk. This internship opportunity really helped build Amy’s vocational skills and professional self esteem. Since this internship, Amy has flourished at work and socially.

Meadowview Recovery Residence

Meadowview Recovery Residence, Brattleboro, Vermont

Meadowview Recovery Residence, Brattleboro, Vermont Meadowview Recovery Residence is a six-bed, staff secure, Level III care home and recovery residence which provides 24-hour staffing sufficient for intensive support and a staff-secure environment. As such, Meadowview provides 24-hour nursing supports, case management, individual and group psychotherapy, peer recovery services, and residential services. Meadowview is conveniently located near downtown Brattleboro with easy access to medical care and community integration activities. The program provides comprehensive, person-centered, strength-based, and trauma informed programming in a home-like setting which employs use of community supports and integration as a way to practice independence and community re-integration after long term hospitalization or institutionalization.

Program Vision

Meadowview Recovery Residence provides a home-like setting for individuals to transition from institutional care to independent living in the community. Meadowview believes in the human potential for growth. The home is recovery-focused and designed so that all basic needs are met. People who live here have the opportunity to participate, learn, and experience living in a safe, caring environment.

Program Mission

The mission of Meadowview is to co-create a comfortable and supportive environment where personal choices can develop opportunities that promote wellness and improve quality of life.

For more information, please contact the Meadowview Program Director at (802) 275-4971.