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“David” an 8 year old boy with classic Autism, came to us after being removed from his home by DCF. He was non-verbal, using grunting sounds and pointing or acting out to communicate his thoughts and feelings. He had an intense fear of going outside and making transitions to new places was overwhelming for him. His academic skills were extremely low and he was not getting any real educational services due to the upheaval in his life. HCRS staff immediately began to identify the services he would need to progress and grow. A shared living provider was found who has given him a wonderful family environment to live and grow in. David now goes to school for the whole day. He is using his words more than ever and instead of pulling on someone or grunting or pointing, he is prompted to use requests like “ Can I use the computer, please,” without being told.

Substance Abuse & Addictions

Substance AbuseProviding Strengths-Based Services to Individuals and Families to Support Recovery and Wellness Efforts

HCRS offers a comprehensive continuum of services for individuals who are experiencing difficulties in their lives resulting from their use of substances or addictive behaviors. The Substance Abuse Program offers education, assessment, outpatient, intensive outpatient treatment, and referral services for adults, youth, and families. The goals of this program are to help individuals make healthy choices that support reduced risk, improved health, and recovery from alcohol and substances when indicated to promote wellness.

Co-occurring & Collaborative Treatment

Experience and research indicate that substance abuse issues often occur alongside mental health issues, are best treated when family or other supportive people are involved, and that services need to be tailored to match someone’s readiness to make changes. At HCRS we embrace the philosophy that recovery is not just about stopping your alcohol use, substance use, or addictive behavior; true recovery means a willingness to look at how you think, make decisions, engage in relationships, address your self-care, set boundaries with others, and open yourself up to possibilities.

What to expect when you come for services:

When you come to one of our substance abuse programs, an experienced and licensed counselor will help you examine how your drug or alcohol use affects your life. In a respectful, confidential, and non-threatening manner, our staff will collaborate with you to set your treatment goals, whether to get a better understanding of your relationship with substances, find strategies to achieve and maintain abstinence from substances, or to meet various legal requirements, such as license reinstatement, probation, or DCF requirements.

If you or someone you know is interested in our Substance Abuse Program services please call one of our offices or come to a Walk-in Clinic to speak with someone in person.

Part of our work includes helping individuals connect with natural and community supports and including them in the treatment and recovery process. Please see our “Related Links” page for more information on local and nationwide resources.