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Student Assistance Professionals

Adult SAP“Bridging the Gap between Prevention and Treatment”

HCRS is proud to partner with the Windsor Southwest Supervisory Union to provide SAP services to students at Green Mountain Middle and High school in Chester, VT.

Student Assistance Professionals are trained to provide education, screening, referral, and support services to youth who are at high risk for substance use and other risky behaviors. SAP's complement existing programs such as school-based health clinics, guidance programs, classroom substance use prevention curricula, peer leadership programs, and community mental health agencies. Students may be referred to SAP counselors by teachers, parents, peers, or may seek help themselves. The SAP will screen the students and may refer them to local human service agencies for formal assessment and treatment; SAP counselors follow-up with students to ensure they obtain the treatment they need.


  • run educational support groups
  • work with community resources to develop services for students
  • meet with concerned families as needed
  • increase awareness of substance use problems in the community
  • give educational presentations to students and community groups
  • allow teachers to concentrate on education instead of having to deal with substance use

If you are interested in learning more about our collaborative efforts with Green Mountain Middle and High School to provide these bridge services between prevention and treatment please contact us at (802) 886-4500 or visit the VT Association of SAP’s website.