COVID-19 Update

Annual Client Satisfaction Survey

HCRS places high value on client feedback and feels strongly that the opinions of those we serve are a critical factor in our strategic program planning and review. In addition to on-going feedback from our Program Standing Committee members and other community forums, HCRS also invites written feedback on an annual basis from our clients through a more formalized survey instrument.

We are pleased to announce that the 2010 client satisfaction survey process is now complete and we received very favorable ratings. 663 client survey forms were completed (a 9% increase over last year). Overall satisfaction with HCRS services is 91%. Some of the ratings for individual questions include:

  • 95% of clients surveyed feel that staff are welcoming and respectful.
  • 91% of clients surveyed feel that telephone and front desk staff are helpful.
  • 90% of clients surveyed feel that staff are helpful in discussing their problems.
  • 90% of clients surveyed feel that HCRS services are helpful.

Among over 700 written comments about HCRS services include the following: “[HCRS] is helping me to build a new life that is amazing” and “HCRS has been very respectful, helpful, and always supportive.” These and many other positive comments and the high level of client satisfaction are a true testament to the value of services staff provide day in and day out, to help clients move towards self sufficiency and community success.