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CEO Judith Hayward’s Retirement Announced at 2013 Annual Meeting

HCRS held its 2013 annual meeting on Wednesday, November 6, at our headquarters in Springfield, Vermont. The meeting was attended by over 140 board members, staff, and community members and highlighted the successes of programs and staff during the past year.

Four individuals receiving HCRS services shared their personal stories of recovery as well as their experiences with HCRS staff and services. They each offered poignant insights into the challenges they have faced and how HCRS has made a significant difference in their lives.

HCRS’ Common Denominator Award was presented to Robert Burdette, DS & CRT Employment Manager, for going above and beyond in his efforts to make sure that every client who wants to work is given the opportunity. The Common Denominator Award was also presented to Steven Klein, Director of the Adult Mental Health and Addiction Services Program. Klein was recognized for his persistence, drive, and dedication to the integration of services.

Hayward also presented a Community Partnership Award to Kendal at Hanover, an assisted living facility in the Upper Valley. They have gone above and beyond to carve out positions to fit the strengths and skill set of HCRS clients for the past seven years.

Allen Dougherty, Board President, announced the retirement of CEO Judith Hayward to become effective June 30, 2014. He described Hayward’s 17 year tenure as CEO as providing significant growth for the Agency and some of the most innovative programming in Vermont. Dougherty noted, “her legacy, which has been developed piece by piece and layer by layer, will hold the Agency in good stead for many years to come.”

Dougherty further announced that George Karabakakis, Ph.D., the current Chief Operating Officer of HCRS, will become CEO as of January 1, 2014, with Hayward to become CEO Emeritus until the end of June, in order to make the transition as smooth as possible. Karabakakis has been with the Agency for 19 years and has held a variety of management positions during that time.

Judith Hayward and George Karabakakis handed out the following service awards to staff, honoring them for 465 years of combined service to the agency.

Awards for 35 years of service were given to Ritva Burton (Senior Administrative Assistant) and Frank Silfies (Crisis Consultant).

An award for 30 years of service was given to Paula Collins (Senior Community Outreach Specialist).

An award for 25 years of service was given to Anne Clark (Bookkeeper).

Three awards were presented for 20 years of service to Loriann Darrell (Community Outreach Specialist), Susan Hennessey (Case Manager II), and Edmund Piper (Clinician II).

15 year service awards were given to Cheryl Forrest (Community Outreach Specialist), Drew Gradinger (Kindle Farm Assistant Director), Maris Noble (Clinician II), and Alida Shriber (Clinician II).

10 year service awards went to Cheryl Cleveland (Area Office Manager), Benedict Dolan (Community Outreach Specialist), Richard Doucet (Clinician II), Karl Eno (Employment Specialist), Billie Jo Fairbrother (Clinician I), Katie Gilcris (Waiver Manager), Joan Hooke (Insurance Specialist), John Italia (Janitor), Sarah Jones (Housekeeper), Jamie Loura (Behavioral Interventionist), and Susan Stoodley (Community Outreach Specialist).

Awards for 5 years of service were given to Brenda Bailey (Payroll Specialist), Desiree Biesheuvel (Psychiatrist), Teresa Blake (Community Outreach Specialist), Pamela Cheney (Generalist I), Susannah Colby (Case Manager II), Connie-Dee Conant (Administrative Assistant), Diane Day (Billing Specialist), Rosemary DeCamp (Clinician I), Kathryn Duncan (Vocational Coordinator), Charles Fiske (Employment Specialist), Mark Gebo (Care Coordinator II), Gary Graff (Clinician II), Jennifer Hallock (Community Outreach Specialist), Kathleen Lamphere (Crisis Program Coordinator), Jennifer Lariviere (Behavioral Interventionist), Christi Martin (Residential Specialist), Margaret McAndrews (Employment Specialist), Jennifer Merrill (Senior Employment Specialist), Irene-Marie Navin (Employment Specialist), Brigitte Poulin (Residential Specialist II), Lisa Rucker (Kindle Farm Business Manager), and Elizabeth Smith (Intake/Resource Coordinator).

HCRS is proud to honor these staff for their years of dedication and service. It is their commitment to the Agency that helps HCRS provide quality programs and services.