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Cultivating Health and Wellness at HCRS

HCRS clients and staff are continuing their garden project this spring, creating beautiful new gardens to grace our Springfield headquarters.

Working with consultant Jennifer Burr, clients of the Community Rehabilitation and Treatment (CRT) program, along with several staff members, helped design and cultivate gardens at the 390 River Street facility last fall. This spring, Ms. Burr is assisting HCRS clients with the continuation of this beneficial project.

Along with creating flower beds which gracefully circle a gazebo, participants in this project recently planted a fast-growing tulip tree (as shown in photo) in an area that will become a peaceful garden where clients and staff can reflect and enjoy nature.

The shared responsibility and communal effort involved in cultivating a garden from one season to the next – in seeing firsthand that change takes time and effort – represents one more path to wellness and recovery for HCRS clients.