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HCRS 2008 Annual Meeting

HCRS held its 2008 annual meeting on Thursday, November 6, at their headquarters in Springfield. The meeting was attended by over 100 staff and community members and highlighted the successes of the agency and staff.

The meeting began with a welcome from Judith Hayward, Chief Executive Officer. Judith dedicated the 2008 Annual Report to every member of HCRS’ truly remarkable staff for their commitment and dedication.

Three people receiving HCRS services were invited to share their personal stories as well as their experiences with HCRS staff and services. They each offered poignant insights into the challenges they have faced and how they have each persevered with the assistance of HCRS.
Allen Dougherty, President of HCRS’ Board of Directors, provided an update on the agency’s activities for the past year, specifically highlighting the Agency’s new “Simply the Best” strategic initiative, the new and inspiring logo, and the new Meadowview House project in collaboration with the Brattleboro Retreat.

Judith Hayward announced the recipients of the Common Denominator Award, an annual award given to an employee who has demonstrated a commitment to staff and programs throughout the Agency. This year’s recipients are Hal Moore, CFO, and Josh Compton, Senior Director of Program Development and Director of Developmental Services. Both Hal and Josh have had a unique and positive impact on the staff and the management of the agency.

Judith Hayward, along with Roland Ransom, Human Resources Director, handed out service awards to staff, honoring them for over 365 years of combined service to the agency.

30 year service awards were given to Ritva Burton (Administrative Assistant) and Frank Silfies (Program Coordinator).

An award for 25 years of service was given to Paula Collins (Senior Community Outreach Specialist).

20 year service awards were given to Anne Clark (Accounts Payable Specialist), William Devoe (Team Leader II), and Martha Harrington (Case Manager II).

15 year service awards were given to Linda Batchelder (Community Outreach Specialist), Loriann Darrell (Community Outreach Specialist), Susan Hennessey (Case Manager II), and Edmund Piper (Clinician III).

10 year service awards went to Diane Cross (Community Outreach Specialist), Cheryl Forrest (Community Outreach Specialist), Maris Noble (Clinician II), and Alida Shriber (Community Outreach Specialist/Clinician II).

Awards for 5 years of service were given to Anne-Ellen Ackerman (Program Coordinator), Kristina Allen (Team Leader I), Cheryl Cleveland (Office Manager), Benedict Dolan (Community Outreach Specialist), Richard Doucet (Clinician I), Karl Eno (Employment Specialist), Billie Jo Fairbrother (Crisis Integration Case Manager), Cheryl Farrar (Community Outreach Specialist), Katie Gilcris (Team Leader II), Joan Hooke (Insurance Specialist), Tom Hutton (Community Outreach Specialist), John Italia (Recycling Services), Susan Johnson (Generalist), Sarah Jones (Generalist), Coleen Lawlor (School Based Clinician II), Heather Longe (Community Outreach Specialist), Jamie Loura (Behavioral Interventionist), Rebecca MacKenzie (School Based Clinician II), Deborah O’Brien (School Based Clinician II), Priscilla Parrot (Community Outreach Specialist), Lynn Raymond-Empey (Program Coordinator), Claudia Schlieman (Community Supports Specialist), SallyAnn Silfies (Clinician I), Priscilla Smeed (Crisis Intervention Specialist), Susan Stoodley (Community Outreach Specialist), and Christine Wood (Behavioral Interventionist).

HCRS is proud to be able to honor these staff for their years of dedication and service. It is this commitment to the agency that helps us provide the quality programs and services to our communities.