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HCRS Elects SallyAnn Silfies to its Board of Directors

HCRS has elected SallyAnn Silfies to its Board of Directors.  HCRS will look to SallyAnn for unique perspectives based on her decade of service as a former employee.

SallyAnn worked for 10 years in our Children, Youth, and Families program, from which she retired in 2013. She currently serves as Pastor of the Greater Hartford United Church of Christ in Hartford, Vermont.

“We are delighted to welcome home a valued member of our HCRS family as she begins her important role as our newest board member,” said George Karabakakis, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer.  “Given her years of outstanding contributions to our intensive family-based services, we look forward to the fresh and discerning viewpoints that SallyAnn will bring to the table.”

Before joining HCRS as a staff member in 2003, Silfies served as Director of the Head Start Program in Windsor County, VT.  Her late husband, Frank Silfies, was also an HCRS veteran with more than 35 years of service.  He capped his career with the position of Program Director for the agency’s Emergency Services Program.

“Coming from a family with more than 45 years of combined association with HCRS, I’ve envisioned joining the agency’s board as a way to continue helping the populations that HCRS serves,” said Silfies. “With the experience I’ve gained during my years as an employee, I believe I’ve developed a foundation of unique viewpoints from which to serve.”

SallyAnn lives in Windsor County and has three children, eight grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.  She is a graduate of Bennington College and also holds a Master’s Degree in Education.