COVID-19 Update

HCRS Implements Changes to Improve Access to Services

HCRS announced today that it has instituted a new, faster process for new clients to access services.

As part of the Agency’s quality improvement efforts, which includes feedback from clients and community members, HCRS has instituted Centralized Access Navigation for all its sites and programs. Centralized Access Navigation is a model used in many community mental health organizations nationwide. The Centralized Access Navigation process incorporates an Access Navigator in the Agency’s three regions (Springfield, Hartford, and Brattleboro), to assist new clients with accessing appropriate mental health, drug and alcohol, or developmental disability services and guide them through the admissions process in a timely manner. The Access Navigators have a broad range of knowledge designed to assist the new client with rapid and targeted access to care.

Individuals seeking services will contact the Access Navigators through a toll-free number (Springfield area: 855-220-9429, Brattleboro area: 855-220-9428, or Hartford area: 855-220-9430). Access Navigators will ensure the individual receives a timely initial appointment, assist the individual through the admissions process, and provide follow-up to ensure the individual’s needs are being met.