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HCRS Initiative Recognizes Staff

A year after introducing a new strategic initiative named, “Simply the Best,” HCRS is seeing the benefits of this program. Introduced by the strains of Tina Turner’s song of the same name, the goal of Simply the Best was to look at all aspects of the Agency and find ways to improve programs, services, and client satisfaction. It started with the creation of new Mission and Vision statements and the development of a set of six core Values.

Every day HCRS employees do amazing work serving almost 5,000 clients throughout Windham and Windsor counties. As part of Simply the Best, a recognition program called “Cause for Applause” was introduced to give employees an opportunity to formally recognize their peers for demonstrating our Mission, Vision, and Values in their day-to-day work. All employees who receive Cause for Applause tributes from their co-workers are also recognized by their supervisors and included in a monthly Cause for Applause tribute on the HCRS intranet. Each month, the Rewards and Recognition Committee composed of employees, randomly draws six Cause for Applause recipients to receive a $25 bonus. Quarterly, the Committee reviews that quarter’s recipients and selects three “Standing Ovation” awards given to employees for demonstrating HCRS core values in a way that is above and beyond expectations. These “Standing Ovation” recipients are each presented with a certificate and a $250 bonus by the CEO, Judith Hayward, at an employee meeting. Annually, the Committee and HCRS Senior Leadership Team review the 12 Standing Ovation honorees and select three of the very best to receive an Encore Award and $1,500 bonus which are presented by the CEO at an employee meeting.

The three HCRS employees, recognized by their peers, who received the 2008 Encore Awards were Matt Hudson, Krista LaFont, and Eileen Sullivan. These Encore Awardees, as well as the Standing Ovation Awardees, responded to this honor by stating they were just doing their jobs and underscoring that being part of a great team of co-workers made a difference.

During 2008, 581 Cause for Applause recognitions were submitted to honor co-workers who were Simply the Best! HCRS honors all of our employees who work to make HCRS the Agency of choice, providing excellence in integrated human services. We are proud of all our employees who reflect exemplary service and a passion about improving the quality of life in our communities.