COVID-19 Update

HCRS Opens New Office in White River for Children & Youth Services

The Hartford area outpatient services for children, youth, and families for HCRS has moved into a new location at 132 South Main Street in downtown White River Junction [as shown in photo].

In addition to providing additional space for meeting with clients, the new location offers space for a playroom to support staff’s ability to work more effectively with younger children as well as children for whom talking is a challenge. Jennifer Smith, HCRS’ Children, Youth, & Families Director, states, “Thanks to the generosity of many of our donors, we were able to properly outfit a playroom where these children will be able to express their needs through play, allowing us to understand their needs and to develop meaningful treatment interventions.

The location of HCRS’ new offices will also provide improved access to services via public transportation, more parking for clients and staff, and greater access to outdoor spaces. This move also brings all of their outpatient children, youth, and family services to downtown White River Junction, as the agency’s intensive outpatient program is also located on South Main Street.

Smith adds, “The new space is entirely geared toward children and youth. With our professional and expert service providers on site, the welcoming atmosphere, and fully furnished playroom, we are uniquely set up to offer effective treatment for children and youth in a child-friendly setting with staff who are trauma-informed and tuned in to the needs of children and youth.”

HCRS’ Hartford office located at 49 School Street will continue to house the agency’s Adult outpatient services.