COVID-19 Update

HCRS Provides 24/7 Mental Health Support

HCRS has a dedicated team of professional staff who support individuals experiencing a mental health emergency. As we move into the winter season, individuals often experience increased symptoms of depression such as low energy, sadness, isolation, and loss of interest in activities. HCRS is here to help, both for alleviating symptoms of depression and for supporting someone experiencing thoughts of suicide or self harm.

As part of the agency’s Crisis Team, specially trained mental health staff are available 24/7 for anyone experiencing thoughts of suicide or self injury. Staff are also available to support those who feel a family member or friend is experiencing thoughts of suicide. Those involved in a mental health emergency can call HCRS’ 24/7 Crisis Line at (800) 622-4235.

During regular business hours, people can stop into the agency’s Frank Silfies Crisis Care Center located at their Springfield headquarters (390 River Street) or at the Crisis Care Center at their Brattleboro office (51 Fairview Street). Previously, these Crisis Care Centers were in separate facilities, but they have been relocated into the agency’s regional offices in order to improve quality and continuity of care for individuals and families in crisis.

Individuals seeking non-urgent mental health, substance abuse, or developmental disability services, may contact one of the agency’s toll-free numbers to access services:

Brattleboro region: (855) 220-9428

Springfield region: (855) 220-9429

Hartford region:      (855) 220-9430

George Karabakakis, Ph.D., HCRS CEO, states, “The winter months can be challenging due to the cold weather and short daylight hours, both of which impact people’s activity levels. For those who experience depression, it can be a particularly difficult time of year. We want to ensure everyone knows that help is available at HCRS. Our specially trained staff are available 24/7 to support those dealing with depression or thoughts of suicide. Give us a call.”