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HCRS Receives Granite United Way Funding for Community Connections Program

HCRS was recently awarded funding in the amount of $17,000 from Granite United Way in order to improve access to mental health and substance abuse services in Windsor County.
The new program, called Community Connections, will expand HCRS’ existing mental health and substance abuse walk-in clinics in Hartford and Springfield out into the community. By expanding these walk-in clinic services into community settings, staff will be able to connect with more individuals and families in need. Community Connections will also help people access mental health and substance abuse services more quickly.

The impact of personal and, more recently, natural disasters on the emotional lives of citizens, creates stress that manifests itself in a variety of ways including substance abuse and depression. The effects of a poor economy, unemployment, challenges in finding safe and affordable housing, and gaps in health care all impact the mental health of community members. Community Connections will help individuals and families dealing with these challenges by improving access to mental health and substance abuse services and by creating connections with other supports in our communities.

Initially, HCRS will have staff located at the Department of Corrections in Springfield and at the Windsor Resource Center in Windsor. HCRS also hopes to further expand the Community Connections program to The Haven in Hartford.

Community Connections will continue to collaborate with Reach Up, SEVCA, the Springfield Family Center, and Vocational Rehabilitation Services to support self-sufficiency and recovery for individuals and families.