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HCRS Recognizes BMH

HCRS is pleased to announce Brattleboro Memorial Hospital (BMH) is this year’s recipient of their community partnership award. Every year, HCRS honors a community partner who exemplifies the type of teamwork and collaboration required to meet the mental health, substance abuse, and developmental services needs of individuals and families in southeastern Vermont.

“Brattleboro Memorial Hospital has been a remarkable partner with HCRS, working on projects from prevention to emergency treatment,” states George Karabakakis, Ph.D., HCRS CEO. The two organizations have partnered as part of the Blueprint for Health’s Community Health Team, providing health coaching and home-based behavioral health services. Together, HCRS and BMH transformed care delivery by coordinating community-based medical and support services.

Another successful, integrated collaboration between the two organizations is the co-location of an HCRS Clinician at BMH’s pediatric practice, Just So Pediatrics. This initiative, led by Dr. Valerie Rooney, has been very successful, and the two organizations are discussing expansion to other practices. In addition, the expanded integration of peer support services into the emergency room to support patients in crisis is also being pursued.

BMH’s dedicated leadership of Steven Gordon, President and CEO, Kathleen McGraw, MD, CMO, George Terwilliger, MD, Emergency Room Medical Director, Brian Richardson, Director, Emergency Services, Valerie Rooney, MD, Physician at Just So Pediatrics and Medical Staff President, Michelle Rowland, Director of Quality and Risk Management, and Wendy Cornwell, Community Health Team, have exemplified Brattleboro Memorial Hospital’s commitment to creative collaboration, honest conversations, and an unswerving dedication to partnership.

HCRS has enjoyed many effective collaborations with individuals and organizations in the community. These partnerships evolve recognizing the unique qualities and strengths of each partner. Karabakakis presented Brattleboro Memorial Hospital with a plaque in honor of this community partnership award at HCRS’ 2016 annual meeting.