COVID-19 Update

HCRS Streamlines Access to Children’s Services

HCRS has developed a new way for families to access children’s mental health, behavioral, and developmental services through a program called First Stop. This new initiative was designed to provide services in a streamlined, non-duplicative manner, ensuring that children, youth, and families have easy access to community-based services.

Historically, HCRS clients have received services from either the Children’s Mental Health program or the Developmental Services program, based on their primary diagnosis. Now, through a collaboration between these two HCRS programs, children and youth with mental health disorders, behavioral challenges, and/or developmental disabilities can all access services through First Stop.

First Stop has eliminated confusion about which program a client should contact for children’s services and has already helped families to receive services in a more timely manner. To contact First Stop in your area, please call toll free:

            Brattleboro area: (855) 220-9428

            Springfield area: (855) 220-9429

            Hartford area: (855) 220-9430