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HCRS Welcomes New Staff – March 2022

HCRS is pleased to announce the appointment of 34 new professionals that were hired in March whose talents will augment HCRS’ services in the Bellows Falls, Brattleboro, Hartford, Springfield, and Windsor regions.

Amber Allen, Sara Allen Drunen, Claudia Armstrong, William “Bailey” Eck, Annemarie Benway, Shea Bernard Guetti, Megan Blake, Kayla May Briere, Thomas Brown, III, Scott Casella, Chelsea Clark, Sheena Derosia, Zachary Derosia, Gary Derosier, Alison Estey, Harriett Gunther, Joshua Hanson, Joshua Hill, Ashleigh Hutton, Courtney James, Benjamin Jerome-Lee, Kayla Knight, Melinda, Taela Luippold, Brandon, Lindsay Mangani, Kelly McGee, Melissa Morin, John Roberge, Amber Rose, Kecia Salam, Emily Seymour, Rebecca Stone, Kathleen “Kate” Sohngen