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Interview in Support of Autism Acceptance Month

Below is a link to a video of an interview with Max Barrows, Outreach Director for Green Mountain Self Advocates (GMSA) in support of Autism Acceptance Month.

Max is an wonderfully intelligent man with autism that loves nature and believes strongly in the power of listening. Part of his role at GMSA is mentoring  people with developmental disorders to advocate for them to speak up for themselves and become leaders. Max believes listening is an important skill to have and says,

 “If people don’t listen, than nothing will move forward, nothing will get done, and if nothing gets done, this world will not be as inclusive of people with disabilities – meeting their needs and accommodations and support in life to succeed.”

He is happy to be the person he is and wouldn’t change anything. In his own words,

“Even though it may come with it’s  struggles, I wouldn’t trade my autism for anything. I’m proud of it. I’m glad I have it. I think people on the Autism spectrum and even disabilities in general should just be proud of who they are – not be ashamed of who they are a s a human being.”

We hope you take some time to watch and “listen” to this wonderfully well-spoken man.