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The HCRS 2009 Annual Meeting

HCRS held its 2009 annual meeting on Thursday, November 5, at their headquarters in Springfield. The meeting was attended by over 125 staff and community members and highlighted the successes of the agency and its employees.

The meeting began with a welcome from Judith Hayward, Chief Executive Officer. Judith dedicated the 2009 Annual Report to recognizing and honoring all of HCRS’ community partners. Without the collaboration of our many community partners, HCRS would not be able to provide the depth of help to those in our communities who need support.

Four individuals receiving HCRS services were invited to share their personal stories as well as their experiences with HCRS staff and services. They each offered poignant insights into the challenges they have faced and how they have each persevered with the assistance of HCRS staff and services.

Allen Dougherty, President of HCRS’ Board of Directors, provided an update on the agency’s activities for the past year, specifically highlighting the new Meadowview project in collaboration with the Brattleboro Retreat. HCRS recognized the Brattleboro Retreat as the recipient of their annual Community Partnership award. This award was presented in honor of the close working relationship between the two agencies. Peter Albert, Director of PrimariLink & External Affairs, accepted the award on behalf of the Retreat and stated how important it is to work with other agencies in our communities.

Julianne Vance, Human Resources Benefits Manager, was presented with the Common Denominator Award, for her extensive work in converting the agency’s health insurance plan. This annual award is given to an employee who has demonstrated a commitment to staff and programs throughout the Agency.

Judith Hayward, along with Roland Ransom, Human Resources Director, handed out service awards to staff, honoring them for 650 years of combined service to the agency.

An award for 35 years of service was given to Dr. Theodore B. Robbins (Senior Psychiatrist).

Priscilla Millay (Executive Assistant) received an award for 30 years of service.

An award for 25 years of service was given to Teresa Boni (Clinician II).

20 year service awards were given to Lynn Burdette (Team Leader II), Teresa Butler (School Services Supervisor), Laurie Drude (Team Leader II), Katherine Duhamel (Director of Adult Outpatient, Substance Abuse, and Emergency Services), Daniel Piteau (Residential Specialist), Lori Schreiner (Clinic & Community Services Supervisor), Brad Sewall (Clinician II), and Gregory Veresan (Program Coordinator).

15 year service awards were given to Karen Aldrich (Area Office Manager), Gail Boardman (Community Outreach Specialist), Robert Burdette (Team Leader II), Joan Egbert (Senior Employment Specialist), George Karabakakis (Chief Operating Officer), Alan Katz (Senior Employment Specialist), Bartlett Mair (Developmental Services Manager), Shirley Roy (Office Support Generalist), and Robert Walsh (Case Manager II).

10 year service awards went to Stuart Copans (Psychiatrist), Karon Eagles (Case Manager II), Michelle Golden (School Based Clinician), Denise Jones (Billing Supervisor), Hiromi Komura (Team Leader I), Shiri Macri (School Based Clinician), Adele Massey (Secretary II), Daniel Roden (Community Outreach Specialist), Philip Sharp (Residential Specialist II), Jane Smith (Team Leader I), Maureen Tadlock (Case Manager II/Waiver Manager), and Julie Taylor (Community Outreach Specialist).

Awards for 5 years of service were given to Kathleen Allden (Psychiatrist), Jeanette Austin (Administrative Assistant), James Bartley (Team Leader I), Karen Brunner (Community Outreach Specialist), Veronica Colby (Generalist II), Paul Cooper (Behavioral Interventionist), Donna LaGrow (Community Outreach Specialist), Judith DeLance (Medical Records Specialist), Anthony Gillam (Senior Employment Specialist), Audrey Harriman (Case Manager I), Kimberley Hartell (School Based Clinician), Raymond Howard (Crisis Response Specialist), Steven Librot (Clinician I), Heather Lockwood (Insurance Specialist), Rick Logan (Facilities Manager), Linda Manning (Community Outreach Specialist), Jennifer Marandino (Peer Recovery Coordinator), Emily Mastaler (Team Leader II), Mary McCarthy (Employment Specialist), Edmund H. Moore, IV (Chief Financial Officer), Joan Pouliot (Community Outreach Specialist), Tamara Simmiolkjier (Community Outreach Specialist), Nancy Sirlin (Area Office Manager), Jayne Stout (Community Support Coordinator), Gina Watson (Clinic and Community Services Supervisor), Rose Wheeler (Case Manager I), Corey Wilkinson (Program Coordinator), Cora Willis-Cooper (Community Outreach Specialist), and Pamela Young (Clinician III).

HCRS is proud to be able to honor these staff for their years of dedication and service. It is this commitment to the agency that helps us provide quality programs and services to our communities.