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It gives me a chance to open up and talk to other people that have the same “problem/issues” as myself, without feeling like I am being judged.

Children’s Developmental Services

Children's Development ServicesAll children and youth with a developmental disability now access clinical, developmental, behavioral, and support services through our Operations Kids program.

This collaboration between HCRS’ Children’s Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities programs provides one door access to coordinated services, starting with a call for information and clinical assessment. After your first meeting with staff, the Operation Kids team will develop an Individualized Plan of Care – in collaboration with the parent/guardian – which can provide individual and family therapy, psychiatry, case management, behavioral supports, and day and overnight respite.

These CORE services do not require the client to go through eligibility determination for a developmental disability and do not require the family to apply for a Medicaid waiver.

If there are additional needs of the child or youth that are not being met by what is provided through the core services, the Operation Kids team will work with the family to determine their eligibility for higher level Developmental Disability services and waiver funding.

The Operation Kids team will also work with the family to see if they are eligible for Personal Care services.

One of the most important times for youth with a developmental disability is when they graduate high school and transition into adult services. A Developmental Disability Service Coordinator can be a resource at this time for both the family and the school system. It is extremely important that all youth with a developmental disability, who will need developmental support as an adult, be identified at the time of graduation so we can assist in this transition.

For more information about accessing services, please call the office most conveniently located for you:

  • Brattleboro area: (855) 220-9428
  • Springfield area: (855) 220-9429
  • Hartford area: (855) 220-9430