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It gives me a chance to open up and talk to other people that have the same “problem/issues” as myself, without feeling like I am being judged.

Clinic & Community Services

Clinic & Community ServicesHCRS offers outpatient services for children with mental health, behavior, and/or substance use problems. Each outpatient office has a specialized evaluation and treatment team which meets with you, listens to your needs or concerns, develops a diagnostic assessment, and provides an individualized treatment plan specifically for your child. Our team works with youth and family members to ensure you benefit from a continuum of services provided by HCRS programs. Substance use services are also available to screen and evaluate clients for possible co-occurring problems involving mental health and substance use concerns. Staff members work directly with youth, their parents, schools, and the community to help young people achieve the highest level of happiness and functioning.

Psychiatric Services

Outpatient psychiatric assessment, counseling, and medication services are available to youth who are receiving other services through HCRS’ Children’s Program. Our board-certified child psychiatrists are available in each outpatient office and function as members of the Children’s multidisciplinary treatment team. HCRS does not provide psychiatry as a stand-alone service without other clinical supports.

Counseling Services

Outpatient counseling services include individual, group, and family counseling in a confidential and safe environment. Staff include clinicians with Masters degrees in psychology, social work, and mental health counseling.

Case Management

These staff members work with youth and families directly to support them in a variety of ways, including teaching specific behavioral and parenting skills, carrying out specific objectives from the plan of care, and providing home-based support and skill building to parents and caregivers. In addition to helping parents learn essential household management and life skills, our staff link them with other useful resources within the community. This service requires Medicaid eligibility.

Respite Services

Our respite service is a mentoring program for children who have limited opportunities for social/community outings and need guidance and support on social and behavioral skills. To receive respite, the family must be a current client of HCRS. Each child can receive between 3 to 18 hours per week based on need or 4 to 18 overnights per month.

Intensive Family Based Services (IFBS)

The Intensive Family Based Services program provides home-based support and assistance to families. The ultimate goal of IFBS is to help families find solutions to their problems and remain together. This short term program (13 weeks) consists of a staff member working with a family and referring agency to assess the problem, establish focused goals, and help the family find solutions. It is a strengths-based and family-centered model which works on improving family communication, increasing problem solving skills, and supporting parents in addressing a child’s emotional/behavioral difficulties.