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I look forward to coming to work every day, not something that can be said for all jobs and employers! I feel supported as a professional and as a person with a life outside of work. I appreciate an environment that fosters professional development and personal growth and encourages me to draw on my individual talents. I have had great mentors who helped me to grow in my career and navigate the challenges of this important work. HCRS staff have a sense of humor that helps us get through the stressful situations that arise, with great collaboration and teamwork!

Summer Therapeutic Program

Summer Therapeutic ProgramHCRS provides  summer therapeutic programming for youth who are receiving regular clinical services through our Children, Youth, and Families program. This programming is designed for youth who may not thrive in a traditional summer camp program. We combine outdoor recreational activities with behavioral and therapeutic programming to teach and reinforce positive social skills and behaviors.

HCRS summer programming opens doors, builds skills for high-needs kids, and we have a lot of fun doing it!

Our programming is specifically structured for youth who struggle within their school environment, as well as within their family and extended communities. Our staff are focused on helping youth build positive and healthy relationships with peers and adults by supporting them with the development of important social skills that they need. In essence, we create an environment that supports youth in being successful in a social situation, while also having fun.

With a high staff to youth ratio and rigorously trained staff, HCRS’ programming is tailor-made for youth who struggle to be successful in social setting with peers. 

This program allows youth to find opportunities to bond while utilizing the skills that they are learning as well. Whether they are negotiating a game of capture the flag, swimming at a local pool or nearby lake, canoeing for the first time, or tye-dying t-shirts, they do it all together. While these activities may look like play, the reality is that participating youth are hard at work, learning to manage their behaviors, problem solve, and work together—critical skills that don’t go unnoticed when they return to their homes and schools.

Keeping the camp small enough to build these relationships is essential, and we recognize that the program’s success stems in large part on its ability to remain flexible and responsive to each camper’s needs. That responsiveness extends to the camp’s programming, much of which is based on the particular interests and skills of each year’s campers and staff. Each year, the staff brainstorm to determine the therapeutic value of each activity and determine how to help participants extract meaning from the skills they’re learning. 

These Summer Therapeutic Programs are provided in each of our three locations. In order to be considered for this program, youth need to live in Windham or Windsor counties of Vermont and be receiving regular clinical services from HCRS.

For more information, please contact the Summer Program Coordinator in your area:

Brattleboro area (802) 254-6028
Springfield area (802) 886-4500
Hartford area (802) 295-3031